Rebrand Enterprise 2.0 and Social Business as ‘Digital Business’

I propose Enterprise 2.0 and Social Business be re-branded as Digital Business.

Enterprise 2.0 is well known throughout the E20 evangelists, yet as I wrote on my old blog, the term Enterprise 2.0 has jumped the shark.

Web 2.0 migrated to Social Media, and leveraging the term, Social Business was adopted.  Executives, in my opinion aren’t receptive to those advocating a Social Business strategy as they associate it with social efforts for Marketing and Public Affairs (Gov’t) to develop Facebook pages, Twitter, and now G+.  Wikipedia’s Social Business page is about a business with a social objective, and points you back to Social Media for organizations designed around social tools and networks.  While Social Business outpaces Digital Business by 4:1 on Google Trends, the main SB post is on Zuckerburg’s draft strategy for Facebook.

Digital Business I believe has a strong brand that captures the key tenets of Enterprise 2.0 and Social Business by leveraging web-based tools to collaborate across the Enterprise.

MIT has the Center for Digital Business as a “research partnership with industry to provide leadership for faculty, students, and sponsors interested in Internet-enabled business”.

Don Tapscott wrote about Grown Up Digital and how Digital Natives are leading Digital Revolutions to transform nearly every long standing industry.

NYC has a Chief Digital Officer to reinvent how the city engages with its residents, primarily through social media. She recently published the Roadmap for the Digital City and NYC Digital.

So what do you think?  Digital Business.