7 Key Activities For Getting Innovation Right

Seth Kahan has a great article in Fast Company, 7 Key Activities For Getting Innovation Right.

  1. Discover Inflection Points – A positive inflection point is a game changer that has the power to propel you forward.
  2. Build Capacity – Systematic innovation relies on the ability to contain and the three inherent stresses of a successful innovation environment.
  3. Gather Business Intelligence – The best innovation rises from a sea of information about products, services, customers, competitors, market conditions and internal capabilities.
  4. Shift Perspective – In order to see new opportunity you must be able to get out of your own box.
  5. Exploit Disruption – Successful leaders learn to identify the opportunity embedded in adverse conditions.
  6. Generate Value – Value is what causes people to reach in their pockets and spend.
  7. Drive Uptake – Every stage of the innovation process holds opportunity to engage the community of people who will be most interested in your offerings.

See the details behind each of these 7 key innovation activities here.

For a long list of insightful innovation articles, books, and videos, visit my Innovation Page.


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