Don Tapscott – Social Networking for Production

Don Tapscott’s closing keynote to an audience of 9,000 at HP Discover’s 2011 Conference: The Power of People, Technology and Ideas in Las Vegas, Nevada on June 6, 2011. Don discusses how social networking is a not just about online communication, but a new mode of production.

Using Gold Corp as an example, Don details how a failing gold mining company made an unprecedented move to share their geological data and open a challenge awarding $500,000 to anyone who could find new ways to locate gold. As a result of the challenge, Gold Corp grew in value from $90M to $10B, and is now at $33B.

Using the principles of mass collaboration, openness, sharing and collaboration, along with the demographic revolution, Don states that we can rebuild and reinvent our failing institutions from the industrial age such as education, government and publishing.

Don presents that the future is not something to be predicted, it is something to be achieved.

Don Tapscott Keynote – HP Discover 2011 from MacroWikinomics on Vimeo.


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