100 Day Plan for Integration and Collaboration

Five years ago the Intel Community underwent a series of initiatives to transform their enterprise and create a culture of collaboration.  The Pentagon would be wise to develop similar plans to modernize the defense enterprise.

In 2007, then DNI Michael McConnell created a series of initiatives designed to build the foundation for increased cooperation and reform of the Intelligence Community. His plan, dubbed “100 Day Plan for Integration and Collaboration” focused on efforts to enable the IC to act as a unified enterprise in a collaborative manner. It focused on six enterprise integration priorities:

  1. Create a Culture of Collaboration
  2. Foster Collection and Analytic Transformation
  3. Build Acquisition Excellence and Technology Leadership
  4. Modernize Business Practices
  5. Accelerate Information Sharing
  6. Clarify and Align DNI’s Authorities

The 100 Day Plan was meant to “jump start” a series of initiatives based on a deliberate planning process with specific deadlines and measures to ensure that needed reforms were implemented. The 500 Day Plan, which started in August 2007, was designed to accelerate and sustain this momentum with an expanded set of initiatives and broader IC participation.

If anyone can offer insight into the effectiveness of these initiatives, sharing lessons learned and best practices I would love to learn more about them.

Source: Wikipedia


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