Welcome to Digital Pentagon, a site for those interested in bringing a digital revolution to the world’s biggest bureaucracy, the Department of Defense.

There is a corrosive culture that plagues the Pentagon with endless infighting within its five rings leading to a massive waste of resources, time, and opportunities. The massive bureaucracy and rigid command and control organizational structures crushes agility and innovation. While the DOD pioneered the Internet 40 years ago with the development of ARPANET, the average teenager today leverages the web more effectively than most Pentagon staffs.

We need to embrace concepts from thought leaders like Don Tapscott whose latest book Macrowikinomics inspires a new vision for the world.  The Pentagon must transition from our Industrial Age thinking and hierarchical organizational designs to a new set of bottom-up institutions that are being built on principles such as openness, collaboration, and the sharing of data and intellectual property. We must harness the Web to network human minds and achieve powerful new effective and efficient solutions.

In addition to regular posts, as I come across nuggets of knowledge from the endless array of books, blogs, and articles, I plan to capture them on dedicated pages for wikis, change, collaborationinnovation, crowdsourcing, and more for your (and mine) easier reference.

As you read this site, I hope you take the opportunity to contribute your own ideas, research, and vision so we can fundamentally transform the Pentagon for the 21st Century.


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